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This is the beginning of the journey

It’s all about understanding your needs and partnering with you on your journey in delivering personal and business success.

ATLAST is a dynamic, open resource empowered by the best people collaborating together to provide an alternative solution to the dull, predictable and outdated delivery norms of all things accounting to help you go from growth to scale – about time we hear you say!

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The Atlast Story

From understanding the day to day financial health of your business, to taking you from growth to scale, ATLAST is here to partner with you.

ATLAST was created by a group of firms who saw an opportunity for something new and fresh that would better meet the needs of their clients and the wider business community as they look to enter, grow and scale in multiple markets.

So who are the founding firms?

Aprio | Cooper Parry | ilv Silver | BSC Advisors | Rosenblum Holtzman & Co

Take you where you want to go

In a world where there seems to be an ever-growing list of challenges, ATLASTers (the name we give to those within ATLAST) partner with business owners and leadership teams to reduce the noise of these challenges while identifying and focusing in on the opportunities to enter, grow and drive long-term success both locally and in new markets.

ATLAST has a reach that allows ATLASTers to support clients wherever and whenever they need it in over 80 countries around the world.


Core to ATLAST is the driving principle that we all need protect the world around us while creating opportunities for all ATLASTers, their clients and the communities they serve as we look to exceed expectations in a sustainable way.

The natural world teaches us many things, not least how to succeed with the resources available to us, to recognise, seize and exploit every opportunity and the need for us and the businesses community to adapt or die by implementing the right changes at the right time in an ever-changing world.


    Is atlast right for you?

  • You’re looking to take your business from growth to scale

  • You’re wanting to access new markets

  • You’re frustrated with the legacy rear-view/historic data working practices of your accountant

  • You’re looking for someone to understand your business, challenge your thinking and co-pilot with you on your business journey

  • You’re looking to humanise and add value to your business numbers/data so you can make the right choices at the right time

  • You want to be part of a new community that sees the world in a different, fresher and more dynamic way – a world of opportunities and not challenges

  • You’ve answered yes to one or more of these options….

    Let’s talk

Let’s talk

All great journeys start with a conversation (i.e. Where shall we go? How shall we get there? What shall we do?) – so let’s talk! We want to hear your story and explore how ATLAST can co-pilot with you on your business journey to tomorrow.